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Discover the Totem leather tote bag, le Luco Paris, the essential bag to accompany you every day with elegance and sophistication. This bag can be carried on the shoulder or in the hand, it allows you to store all your essentials.

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Totem clay greenTotem clay green
Totem clay green Sale price480€
Totem Sand beigeTotem Sand beige
Totem Sand beige Sale price480€
Totem Slate BlackTotem Slate Black
Totem Slate Black Sale price480€
Totem biscuit yellowTotem biscuit yellow
Totem biscuit yellow Sale price480€
Totem honey yellowTotem honey yellow
Totem honey yellow Sale price480€
Totem ice blue Totem ice blue
Totem ice blue Sale price480€
Totem Powder pinkTotem Powder pink
Totem Powder pink Sale price480€
Totem brick redTotem brick red
Totem brick red Sale price480€
Totem Coral RedTotem Coral Red
Totem Coral Red Sale price480€
Totem Fawn brownTotem Fawn brown
Totem Fawn brown Sale price480€
Totem Golden YellowTotem Golden Yellow
Totem Golden Yellow Sale price480€
Totem chocolate brownTotem chocolate brown
Totem chocolate brown Sale price480€

Le Luco Paris tote bag is a revisited version in leather offering a minimalist and sophisticated aesthetic. The Totem tote bag is distinguished by its ultra-flat shape and graphic look, which give it a modern and sophisticated look. Totem, with its elegant simplicity is the perfect bag for women who appreciate light and bold bags.

The ideal companion, in complete lightness

It retains the essential characteristics of the tote bag: lightness, simplicity and functionality. You can wear it in addition to another bag, to carry everything you need on a daily basis. This bag will quickly become your ally throughout the day, this tote bag accompanies you in all circumstances with elegance and sophistication.

Design and know-how, true luxury

Le Luco Paris leather tote bag is designed and designed to carry without weighing you down with an aesthetic made of simplicity. It stands out as an accessory of choice for lovers of sophisticated fashion, offering a refined aesthetic and a careful design that will seduce. Each leather tote bag is handmade with care and passion by our most talented Italian leather craftsmen in fine leather goods, giving each bag its uniqueness. We pay great attention to the quality of materials and the accuracy of details in order to offer you an exceptional product. We offer a range of subtle shades, inspired by the nuances of nature throughout the seasons: fawn, brick, sand... Our bags are anything but accessories, they are a reflection of our commitment, a guarantee of quality and durability.