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Our collection consists of models that respond to different moments in a woman's life. Equilibre, leather shoulder bag, revisited satchel, expression of Parisian chic par excellence, can be worn day or night.

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Epure abyss blueEpure abyss blue
Epure abyss blue Sale price790€
Epure slate blackEpure slate black
Epure slate black Sale price790€
Morning run bright blackMorning run bright black
Morning run bright black Sale price390€
Morning run seafoam greenMorning run seafoam green
Morning run seafoam green Sale price390€
Équilibre Gold brownÉquilibre Gold brown
Équilibre Gold brown Sale price770€
Équilibre Fawn BrownÉquilibre Fawn Brown
Équilibre Fawn Brown Sale price770€
Grand Large gold brownGrand Large gold brown
Grand Large gold brown Sale price860€
Grand Large sand beigeGrand Large sand beige
Grand Large sand beige Sale price860€
Grand Large taupe grayGrand Large taupe gray
Grand Large taupe gray Sale price860€
Grand Large chocolate brownGrand Large chocolate brown
Totem brick redTotem brick red
Totem brick red Sale price480€
Totem Coral RedTotem Coral Red
Totem Coral Red Sale price480€
Totem chocolate brownTotem chocolate brown
Totem chocolate brown Sale price480€
Totem Slate BlackTotem Slate Black
Totem Slate Black Sale price480€
Totem Sand beigeTotem Sand beige
Totem Sand beige Sale price480€
Grand Large brick redGrand Large brick red
Grand Large brick red Sale price860€
Totem Fawn brownTotem Fawn brown
Totem Fawn brown Sale price480€
Totem Golden YellowTotem Golden Yellow
Totem Golden Yellow Sale price480€
Totem honey yellowTotem honey yellow
Totem honey yellow Sale price480€
Epure forest greenEpure forest green
Epure forest green Sale price790€
Epure bright blackEpure bright black
Epure bright black Sale price790€
Epure clay greenEpure clay green
Epure clay green Sale price790€
Équilibre Clay GreenÉquilibre Clay Green
Équilibre Clay Green Sale price770€
Équilibre Chocolate brownÉquilibre Chocolate brown

Equilibre, leather shoulder bag, besace revisited, expression of Parisian chic par excellence, can be worn day or night. Court Carré, a leather clutch bag, emblem of "Less is more", keeps the essentials close at hand. Épure and Grand large, leather shopping bags, playful with their ties that can be freely tied or untied, accompany you on life's short and long journeys. Totem, a leather tote bag, a lightweight it-bag, ultra-flat for a perfect body fit, fits your body like a glove. Morning run, an origami bag, an all-terrain, all-weather companion, ready for the unexpected, ideal when the pace quickens.

Luco Paris: excellence in fine leather goods

Each calfskin bag is handmade with the greatest care and passion by the most talented craftsmen in the world of fine leather goods. Our models are distinguished by their lightness, the right proportions and the quality of the materials. We offer a range of distinctive colours, evoking the subtle changes in nature as the seasons pass. These values embody the essence of our brand and our commitment to excellence in our luxury bags.