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Crossbody bags

Le Luco Paris leather shoulder bag: the essential piece of leather goods
Discover our high-end leather messenger bag, elegant for all women who care about their style and comfort.

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Équilibre Slate BlackÉquilibre Slate Black
Équilibre Slate Black Sale price770€
Équilibre Clay GreenÉquilibre Clay Green
Équilibre Clay Green Sale price770€
Équilibre Gold brownÉquilibre Gold brown
Équilibre Gold brown Sale price770€
Court carré fawn brownCourt carré fawn brown
Court carré fawn brown Sale price590€
Court carré Slate blackCourt carré Slate black
Court carré Slate black Sale price590€
Court carré gold brownCourt carré gold brown
Court carré gold brown Sale price590€
Équilibre Brick redÉquilibre Brick red
Équilibre Brick red Sale price770€
Équilibre Coral RedÉquilibre Coral Red
Équilibre Coral Red Sale price770€
Court carré brick redCourt carré brick red
Court carré brick red Sale price590€
Court carré powder pinkCourt carré powder pink
Court carré powder pink Sale price590€
Court carré storm grayCourt carré storm gray
Court carré storm gray Sale price590€
Court carré chocolate brownCourt carré chocolate brown
Équilibre Sand beigeÉquilibre Sand beige
Équilibre Sand beige Sale price770€
Équilibre Chocolate brownÉquilibre Chocolate brown
Équilibre Powder pinkÉquilibre Powder pink
Équilibre Powder pink Sale price770€
Court carré Clay GreenCourt carré Clay Green
Court carré Clay Green Sale price590€
Court carré Mastic BeigeCourt carré Mastic Beige
Court carré Mastic Beige Sale price590€
Court carré sand beigeCourt carré sand beige
Court carré sand beige Sale price590€
Court carré coral redCourt carré coral red
Court carré coral red Sale price590€
Équilibre Fawn BrownÉquilibre Fawn Brown
Équilibre Fawn Brown Sale price770€
Court carré Ice blueCourt carré Ice blue
Court carré Ice blue Sale price590€
Équilibre Ice BlueÉquilibre Ice Blue
Équilibre Ice Blue Sale price770€
Équilibre Storm GrayÉquilibre Storm Gray
Équilibre Storm Gray Sale price770€
Limited editionCourt carré natural raffiaCourt carré natural raffia

Worn on the shoulder or across the body, it is the ultimate functional bag. Thanks to its adjustable leather shoulder strap, it offers you great freedom of movement while adding a chic touch to your look.

The elegance and luxury of the leather shoulder bag.

Along the body, worn on the shoulder or across the body, the shoulder bag is worn naturally against you, allowing you to move around with ease and confidence. The high-end shoulder handbag is a centerpiece that adapts perfectly to all occasions. Anchored in trend, it stands the test of time with timeless elegance. It represents the ultimate feminine fashion accessory, combining style and functionality. It was designed to meet the needs of modern women looking for a versatile and practical accessory, without compromising on style.

A wise choice: allure, practicality and adaptability

Whether for its refined look, its everyday practicality or its adaptability to different styles and occasions, this bag stands out as a relevant choice. It is designed to make your life easier by providing ample space for all your essentials, while adding a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

Le Luco Paris: excellence in fine leather goods

The shoulder bag is much more than a simple accessory. Its timeless look and functionality make it the ideal companion for all occasions, whether for a work day, an evening or even a trip. Le Luco Paris shoulder or crossbody bags are carefully thought out and designed to hug the body, offering you a light carry and an aesthetic made of simplicity and elegance. Each calfskin bag is handmade with the greatest care and passion by the most talented artisans in fine leather goods. At le Luco Paris, we are proud to create models that stand out for their lightness, the accuracy of proportions and the quality of materials. We offer a range of distinctive colors, evoking the subtle changes of nature throughout the seasons, from brick red to sandy beige. These values ​​embody the essence of our brand and our commitment to the excellence of our luxury bags.