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La passion des couleurs

A passion for colour

From brick red to warm sandy beige to subtle shades of blue, Le Luco Paris offers a range of colours to create an elegant and refined look. The shades in our range offer a palette of colours and are used to enhance the design. Le Luco Paris, with its expertise in colour, is a benchmark. Colour contributes to the uniqueness of our bags. The interior and exterior of le Luco Paris bags are enhanced by the subtlety and harmony of the colour duo. le Luco Paris leathers offer exceptional depth of colour and dye quality to brighten up your bag. The richness and character of our colours are the result of our commitment to know-how and our collaboration with renowned tanneries. Our colours delicately change with the intensity of the light, revealing all their subtlety. The craftsmen in le Luco Paris' renowned Italian workshops are trained to work with colour to exacting standards, ensuring that the colour remains consistent and long-lasting over the years.

Seasonal shades

Timeless tones, pillars of all collections: Slate Black, Gold Brown and Clay Green.
Blacks: Some shades of black you might see in a collection:
Slate Black: This is a dark, muted shade of black that is often described as bluish. It's a softer and more discreet version of black, which gives a bag a sophisticated look.
Forest Black: This is a deep, rich shade of black that is dark or intense. It is a bold color that can add elegance to a bag.
Intense black: This is a deep, rich shade of black. It's a bold color that can add a pop of strength to a bag.
Choosing the shade of black will depend on the desired look and feel of the collection.
Browns: Luco Paris, many shades of brown.
Chocolate Brown: This is a deep, rich shade of brown that is often described as intense. It's a warm, sophisticated color that can add depth to a bag.
Gold Brown: This is a lighter, warmer shade of brown, often described as orange. It's a softer version of brown. This shade of Gold brown is one of the most coveted colors.
Tawny Brown: This is a light shade of brown. It's a neutral, versatile color that can be used to give a bag subtlety. This shade of brown can suit a bag collection that is classic or timeless, or a collection that is formal or elegant.
Clay green: Clay green is the emblematic color of Luco Paris. It's a subtle and elegant green, with a touch of blue, ideal for both seasons.

Alongside the timeless shades, the range is enriched each season with a palette of new colors, the more daring seasonal colors, Brick Red, Sand, Glacier Blue, Taupe...
The color range of Le Luco Paris is inspired by the different shades that adorn the Luxembourg garden throughout the seasons.
The Luxembourg Gardens located in Paris in the 6th arrondissement, right next to our fine leather goods boutique, is a true source of inspiration.
In spring, the luco garden wakes up with an explosion of colors. The flowers and trees take on a palette of bright and joyful colors.

The colors brick red, golden yellow, powder pink... reflect the summer atmosphere of the garden.
In autumn, the leaves of the trees in Luco's garden take on shades of brown. These beautiful warm shades are found in the fall-winter collection evoking the cozy atmosphere of autumn.
The sobriety of winter's tones offers a sleeping landscape, a bare garden leaving plenty of room for neutral and intense tones, chocolate brown, slate black, storm gray... reflect the coldness of winter.