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Le Luco Paris, a partnership between craftsmen and designers, a guarantee of quality and durability


In September 2018, Nathalie Colas and Hélène Carrouée founded the new Maison of luxury leather goods le Luco Paris, inspired by the nickname that the residents of the rive gauche give at the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. They both share the same love for beauty, the request for the best know-how, and a great bond based on their complementarity. Hélène Carrouée, Art Director, creates models with an essential and sophisticated design. The Maison develops a minimalist aesthetic and is distinguished by the lightness of its models. Le Luco Paris seeks the quality of exceptional leathers, the accuracy of details and colors, a commitment to craftmanship and French know-how. Unique traits expressing the luxury and Parisian chic.


Le Luco Paris, a creative vision focused on an invitation to sublimated simplicity.

As artistic director, trained in product and graphic design at the Ecole Supérieure de Design Industriel in Paris, I create designs that are both essential and sophisticated. My values are based on a minimalist aesthetic, and my designs are distinguished by their lightness, the sensuality of their materials and the accuracy of their proportions and details. The purity of the lines meets the sophistication of the colours for a Parisian allure and sublimated simplicity. My identity is that of a craftsman-designer responding to the challenges of our time, when modernity and tradition go hand in hand to perfection. My creative thinking is based on a concept of simplicity that appeals to instinct and intuition, and results in objects that are essential in their structure, atmosphere and functionality. With imagination, the accessories take to the stage in a one-on-one encounter with the material. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, who said that "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". My credo is sophisticated simplicity, where curved lines meet straight lines, without frills or superfluity, to create a style shaped by the mind and the hand. The result is collections with a diversity of shapes, colours and materials, the common thread of which lies in wearing them without weighing them down.


Le Luco Paris, a partnership between craftsmen and designers, a guarantee of quality and durability

With its subtle, minimalist cuts, le Luco Paris is in keeping with a sophisticated, cosmopolitan Parisian style that brings together a team united around a project of quality and sustainability. In the creative process, manufacturing is an integral part of the design, creating the unity and uniqueness of the product. The selection of exceptional leathers and the Italian know how are part of our identity and our commitment to traditional craftsmanship. Manufacturing is the result of a partnership, or even companionship, between the craftsman and the designer, enabling the development of a collective intelligence around the manufacture of the product. Designed in Paris, the collections are made in Italy by talented craftsmen in quality workshops. Simplicity is the precursor to sustainability : our aim of making objects that last is at the heart of the design process, with objects designed to embellish and deve

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